Make an Impact & Gain Financial Independence

This is a career move that could redefine everything.

You know that restlessness you feel? Perhaps it’s an inner voice coaxing you to step into life more boldly. Build something. Do something meaningful. Be in control of your own life. It may be your inner entrepreneur calling to be released.

What if it were possible to do all of those things at once: to build something, to have deep impact on the world around you, and to have greater control over the course of your life?

It is in fact possible, and it’s happening throughout our firm. You, too, can make the career move that may redefine every relationship in your life: from your personal relationships to your relationship with your work and your finances.

There are good reasons why now is the perfect time to start your business. Click below to Learn more about our Financial Services Professional openings in Ann Arbor and Southfield.

Southfield, MI


3000 Town Center, Suite 3100,
Southfield , MI 48075-1102

Ann Arbor, MI


2211 Old Earhart Road, Suite 150
Ann Arbor, MI 48105