Harnessing Community Strength: MassMutual Great Lakes Honored with the Platinum Community Service Award

MassMutual Great Lakes received the esteemed 2022 Platinum Community Service Award from the MassMutual Foundation. This recognition, which comes with a generous donation of $25,000, reflects our unwavering commitment to community engagement and partnership with nonprofit organizations in these challenging times.

"Fleece & Thank You" and "Beyond Basics" were the recipients of the generous donation. This donation will further fuel our mission to serve and uplift the communities in Michigan. As Dennis Duquette noted, our firm embodies a spirit of "resolute generosity," setting a benchmark in community service.

 We remain steadfast in our commitment, driven to ignite positive changes through community outreach and collaborations. Together, we aspire to build bridges of understanding, foster education, and uplift lives. It is our belief that the unity we foster today will pave the path for a brighter, more connected tomorrow.

 We appreciate our team, who is part of this journey of positive change and solidarity. Here's to further fostering a community of strength and unity.

People getting award